Mission Statement:

Homebrewers Guild of Seattle Proper is a tight-knit group of homebrewers passionate about learning from, and helping each other become the best brewers we can be. We are experimental, analytical, and devoted to both the art and science sides of brewing beer. We each take pride in brewing the best beer we can, yet are humble and have a desire to receive honest and constructive feedback about our creations. We brew projects together, consult on individual brewing projects, have bottle shares, and infrequent educational sessions. We support our members in entering competitions for individual recognition, good fun and sport.

What Makes Us Different?

As a small club, active participation by the members is essential because there are less members to carry the load.

    Expectations include:

  • Attending meetings
  • Actively participating in the email exchanges, being mindful to uphold a favorable signal to noise ratio
  • Volunteering to host/arrange meetings, brew sessions, projects, etc.
  • Taking on the Project Manager role for larger projects
  • Offering constructive, honest feedback on others' beers, and having an openness to constructive criticism about your own

We are a small club, and in some ways the structure is more like a book club rather than a standard homebrew club. Currently, the membership is capped at 8 active members for the following reasons:

  • We normally meet in members' homes where larger groups would be impractical
  • As passionate brewers, we often have members bringing multiple beers to meetings and a larger group would lead to excessively long meetings or less insightful feedback
  • Let's face it, even 8 pours from a 12 ounce bottles is a stretch

Contact Info:

Even though we are currently at capacity, from time to time members will move on for a variety of reasons. If you would be interested being contacted when a spot opens up, please email seattleproper (at) gmail (dot) com. 

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on recipes or projects here, don't hesitate to email us!