NHC Beer List

We're bringing a lot of beer to NHC. In addition to Club Night, we're covering two hospitality suite shifts and also participating in the Best of WAHA session. In total, we're lugging 45 kegs along with a cask or two across the water to Bellevue. 

We're ironing out the final details of our roster, but here's what we've got so far: 
Hospitality Shift 1 - Thursday after Pro-Brewers Night

 Krampus      English Barleywine with Figs  Big, rich, with ripe fig character
 Polecat Porter  Baltic Porter  Clean malt profile with just a little roast
 American Brown  American Brown  *Grainy chocolate, citrus hops, rye in the background
 Expedi-ale Pale  Pale Ale  Pale with big hit of Amarillo and Citra
 Single Tap IPA  IPA  Lean malt profile massive New Zealand hop character
 Living Robustly  Robust Porter  Emphasis on honey malt. 6%
 JCVD  Fruit Beer  Big time cherry w/ a hint of funk. 8%
 Mild at Heart  Dark Mild  Malty, chocolatey, sessionable english mild ale. 3.5%
 Tripel Crown  Belgian Tripel  Simplest recipe - base malt, corn sugar and Styrian Goldings
 Leon Phelps' Chocolate Query  Chocolate Lager  Chocolate rye lager aged on cacoa nibs and vanilla beans
 CRTL-ALT-DELETE  Düsseldorf Altbier  Toasty malt, clean bitterness, built for sessions
 Pride of Parkwood  ESB  God save the Queen and Drink up!
Hospitality Shift 2 - Friday before Club Night

 Monk's Drool  Belgian Pale Ale  A showcase for the Wyeast 3522 Ardennes yeast
 Czechmate  India Pale Lager  Bohemian Pilsner meets American hops
 Cherry Poptart  Kriek
 Roeselare and infused with cherries for aroma and pucker.
 Pliny the Tiny  IPA  Smells like Pliny, drinks like Bud. 4.5%
 Paroxysm  100% Brett  100% Brett fermented dry golden ale
 Drunker in the Rye  Ryewine  Intense malt, oily rye and whiskey barrel character
 Electric Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Maple  Radical  Recipe from Radical Brewing.  Nutty and Mapley!
 Ate the Baby!  Wee Heavy  Scottish malt explosion
 PNW Coffee Stout  Herb and Spice  On Cask!
 My Yammy Spice  VSH  Bruery's Autumn Maple clone aged on oak with rum and maple syrup
 Spazzy Man Wheat  German Hefeweizen  Classic Hefe favoring clove over banana
 Old Clubfoot  Eisbock  Sessionable eisbock that drinks like a dopplebock
 Large and Growly Bear  English Barleywine  Get ready to hibernate- caramelized runnings

Club Night

 Ivana Humpalot  RIS  *Matured with port-soaked hungarian cubes
 Smoking Barrel  Wood Aged Rauchbier  German Rauchbier with light cedar aging
 Peachy Keen
 American Wheat
 Steeped in Ginger & Peach spices from Republic Tea.
 Bourbon Freddy Krueger  Barrel Aged American Strong  Inspired by Hair of the Dog's Bourbon Fred.
The Polar Vortex  Baltic Porter  Eised version of a mild Baltic porter
 Belgian Velvet  Belgian Dark Strong  Malty, whiskey barrel aged with tons of dark fruit character
 Archimedes Solution  Belgian Dark Strong  Super-dry with rich fruit notes; yeast from The Bruery
 American Rye  RyePA  
 Hassle the Hoff  Kölsch  Crisp clean malt in a sessionable package
 Matthæus  Wood Aged American Strong  Inspired by Hair of the Dog's Matt
 Dale's Whiskey Cake  American Strong Ale  *Oak, Whiskey, Golden Raisins, and hint of Pecan
 Ars Amatoria  Sour Ale  Sour, fruity, funky, and delicious
 Pliny the Deafer  Triple IPA  Inspired by Pliny the Younger
 The Younger and the Restlesser  Triple IPA  Inspired by Pliny the Younger
 Younger at Heart  Triple IPA  Inspired by Pliny the Younger
 All-Malt Hop Warrior  Triple IPA  All malt IPA while still well attenuated, heavily hopped
 Amalgamation Autonomous  Sour Ale
 Club sour barrel project - Barrel Aged version
 Amalgamation Autonomous  Sour Ale  Club sour barrel project - Stainless Aged version
 Opacity  Barrel Aged Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout brewed at Naked City and Aged in a Woodinville Whiskey Barrel
 Mrs. Voorhees  Imperial Stout  *Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. 11%

Best of WAHA Hospitality Shift - Saturday Night
 Von Kaiser Berliner Weisse  Sour, fruity and funky. 3.5%
 Eight the Baby!  American Strong ale  A blend of beers from each club member - greater than the sum of its parts!