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Decoct-o-Matic Dunkel

I host a Oktoberfest party each year and this Munich Dunkel was the hit of the 2012 party.  I'll definitely be brewing it again since it hits all the right notes: Toasty with a hint of chocolate, light floral hop note, and a smooth lagered finish.

Even better news for this beer was the Gold medal it took at Novembeerfest in Dark Lager Category !  I'll post tasting notes as soon as I get them.

Bad news for this beer though is the laborious triple decoction!  I will be experimenting with a less intensive mash regimen though to see if I can create the same depth of malt.  I'm confident that a single long decoction could get you in the same ballpark.

Decoct-o-Matic Munich Dunkel Recipe
6 gal
72% Efficiency
OG 1.059
FG 1.016
IBU- 25

12 lbs Munich Malt (9 SRM)
4 oz Carafa II (412 SRM)

Triple decoction, I pull my decoctions based on brewing software suggestions but add back to to the main mash a bit at a time until I hit the desired mash temp:
  • Mash in thin at 126F with 2qts per gal liquor
  • Pull Decoction and add back to hit 145F Rest
  • Pull Decoction and add back to hit 156F Rest
  • Pull Decoction and add back to hit 168F Mash out
  • Vourlauf and sparge

Boil Additions

  • 50g Hallertauer Hersbrucker (4% AA) @ FWH (75min)
  • 1 Tablet Whirlfloc @ 20min remaining


  • Chill to 48F, I chill to ~60 with a plate chiller and then pop it in the lagering fridge overnight to knock it down to 48F
  • O2 for 60sec
  • Pitch ~500 Billion yeast cells of 3rd gen German Bock lager
  • Ferment cool (50F) until activity starts to slow- about 9 days
  • Raise to (62F) to finish out and clean up
  • Cool over a few days to lagering temp (31F), rack to keg and store at lager temp for 1 month

Carbonate to 2.5 Vol