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Expedi-Ale: New American Pale (Pro-Am Series)

I brewed this beer for a party with some of my co-workers at Expedia (hence the name).  The recipe is designed to be an American Pale with a moderate amount of caramel to back up the heavy dose of "new" American hops in the mix.  I ferment this with the Pac-Man yeast for a very dry finish and some light mineral notes.

The beer took 2nd place in American Ales at the 2011 Puget Sound Pro-Am.  It was then chosen by Harmon Brewing to brew full scale.

I worked with Mike Davis from Harmon to scale this up to 8BBL and had an excellent time helping with the brew day.  Mike is a class act and the folks from Harmon are great. I was very impressed with the great beers he has on tap at the brewery!

On with the recipe!

5.5 gal
72% Efficiency
OG 1.060
FG 1.010
IBU- 28

10lbs US 2-row
1lb Munich
10oz Crystal 80

Single infusion Mash at 150F for 60min
Mashout infusion to raise to 168F for 10min

Boil Additions   

60m- 22IBU Northern Brewer or other clean bittering hop
15m- .25oz Amarillo
15m- .25oz Citra
15m- Tablet of Whirlfloc
0m-  1oz Amarillo
0m-  1oz Citra

Chill to 60F

O2 for 50sec
Pitch ~230 Billion yeast cells of Rogue PacMan yeast
Ferment cool (62F) until activity starts to slow- about 4 days
Raise to (65F) to finish

Dry Hop

Dry- .5oz Amarillo
Dry- .5oz Citra
Leave for 1 week at 65F then chill, fine with gelatin, and rack to keg.

Carbonate to 2.6 vol