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I Could've Had A Tripel Crown

The name of this beer would have been "I'll Have a Tripel Crown" if I'll Have Another had won the Triple Crown on June 9th of this year.  Unfortunately, the 3 year old colt was scratched from the race and it was not to be.  My alternate name for this beer is Simpel Tripel.  You'll see why that name is appropriate when you see that it is base malt, corn sugar, Styrian Goldings and Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes yeast. 

My past attempts at this style never tasted quite right.  I think the problem was that I kept trying to make them too big.  This beer is still 8%, but it seems much better than my other attempts.

5.25 Gallons
OG 1.075
FG 1.014
38 IBU

88% Gambrinus 2-Row
12% Corn Sugar

Styrian Goldings, 5.25%, 1.25 oz, 60 min, 25 IBU
Styrian Goldings, 5.25%, 1.00 oz, 30 min, 10 IBU
Styrian Goldings, 5.25%, 1.00 oz, 2 min, 3 IBU

Mash for 1 hour at 149F.  Mash out at 170F.
90 minute boil
Ferment with a large starter of Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes yeast at 68F.  After fermentation, keg and force carbonate to 3.0 volumes of CO2.