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Pliny the Tiny

The session IPA is an emerging style that is starting to gain a foothold on the American beer scene. With summer (and NHC) fast approaching, I figured now would be as good of a time as any to take a crack at brewing one. Since I had a cache of Simcoe in the freezer, I figured a hop profile similar to Pliny the Elder would be a worthy experiment. In order to keep the drinkability factor high, I kept the IBU’s relatively low at 27. Despite that paltry IBU number, this recipe still uses over 6 ounces of hops, with almost 3 ounces added at flameout, 3 ounces for dry-hopping, and only a half of an ounce used for the 30 minute “bittering” addition.

Pliny the Tiny

Anticipated OG: 1.040
Anticipated SRM: 5
Anticipated IBU: 27
Batch Size 5.5 gal
Boil Time: 75 min
Mash: single @ 152

81% - 6 lb American Two-row Pale
14% - 1 lb Munich Malt
4% - 5 oz Crystal 40
1% - 1 oz Crystal 120

30 min 0.25oz Columbus 16.1
30 min 0.25oz Simcoe 12.2
0 min 0.75oz Centennial 10.0
0 min 0.25oz Columbus 16.1
0 min 1.75oz Simcoe 13.0
Dry hop: 7 days, 0.75 Centennial, 0.75 Columbus, 0.75 Simcoe
Keg hop:  0.25 Centennial,  0.25 Columbus, 0.25 Simcoe

WLP090 – San Diego Super Yeast

Seattle tap with 6 grams gypsum, 1 gram calcium chloride, 2 grams epsom salt to the mash, and 1 gram NaCl to the boil. (total water profile: chloride 50ppm, sulfate 175ppm)

½ tsp Irish moss 15 min
½ tsp Wyeast yeast nutrient 15 min

Notes: Cold crashed and transferred to secondary before adding dry hops. Fermented at 66 degrees.